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Epic Games: This is how the creator tag works - all info

Epic Games is giving Steam a run for its money and is also relying on the relationship between streamers and their fans. We explain what the creator tag is all about and what the application looks like.

Revenue share for streamers: the Creator Tag can be entered at checkout in the Epic Games Store.

Creators ("creators") are content creators like those currently popular on YouTube, Twitch and Mixer. Epic Games is giving creators the chance to earn extra money from their fans' purchases.

Epic Games: Creator Tag redeemable at checkout

The Creator Tag is an individually assigned code that any content creator can get. Streamers can share the tag with their audience.
  • When making purchases from the Epic Games Store, fans can then enter the Creator Tag at checkout. This does not incur any additional costs, but the Creator will share in the revenue.
  • The amount of revenue sharing depends on various variables, but is always at least 5 percent.
This is therefore an affiliate mechanism. The idea behind it: By content creators earn money, they are supported in producing more content. This is ultimately very complex and costs time and money. The framework for this is the "Support a Creator" program, which goes beyond redeeming creator tags and sets clear rules. Weitere Informationen dazu gibt es hier.

By Lauzon Dobbyn

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