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PDF Creator portable - these apps to choose from

Sending documents as PDFs offers many advantages. The most common reason is that you can open the file format on almost any device. If you want to create or edit a PDF, you need a special program. If you also want to use it on other computers, then a portable version is a good choice.

These portable PDF creators are available

To edit and create PDFs, you usually need special applications, such as PDFCreator or 7-PDF Maker. These programs are available for various operating systems. Are you looking for a program that you can take with you everywhere, for example with a USB stick, then there are also various options here.
  1. The program 7-PDF Maker Portable is, like 7-PDF Maker, responsible for creating and viewing PDF documents.
  2. You can download the portable version as a share version and thus test it extensively before buying. Then the software costs about 23 euros.
  3. In addition, you can also use the application on the USB stick and thus view or create a PDF from any device with a suitable USB port. The PDF Maker requires about 50 MB.
  4. Alternatively, you can also use other applications as a portable version. Für gewöhnlich sind hierbei jedoch mehrere Schritte notwendig, wie das auch beim PDFCreator der Fall ist.

By Collimore Aalam

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