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Android: Disable developer options - how to do it

Android is a widely used operating system where you can set and do almost everything yourself. For some settings, you need to enable developer options. Then you can disable them the same way.

How to disable Android's developer options

The developer options on Android allow you to get certain error reports. Actually, the function should not be activated by a private user, because it was programmed only for developers of apps and co. If the developer options are turned on, although you do not need them, you can easily disable them again.
  1. Go to the settings by opening the corresponding app on your smartphone.
  2. Here you will find the item "About the phone", which is located under "System".
  3. Further down in the now displayed list you will see the "Build number". Tap the button seven times.
  4. Now the developer options are enabled. Do you want to disable them again, just go to "Settings" and then further to "Device" > "Apps".
  5. Here you select "Settings" again and then "Storage". After that, tap on "Clear data". Nun sollten die Entwickleroptionen deaktiviert sein und die entsprechende Option wird nicht mehr in den Einstellungen angezeigt.

By Deland

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