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Creating a Gmail Account: Simply explained

By creating a Gmail account, you can use Google's email service for free. You will receive an email address with an inbox. Also, you can use the account to log in to other Google services.

Instructions: how to create an account with Gmail

Note: If you are already registered with other Google services like YouTube, Google Drive or Google Play, the Android app store, you don't need an extra account for Gmail, just sign in with your existing credentials.Create a Gmail account and you'll get a free email inbox, as well as access to other Google apps like YouTube, Calendar, and more. Here's how to do it:
  1. First, go to this Google website.
  2. Enter your first and last name in the top fields here.
  3. Below that, you can select your username. This is subsequently part of your email address. If you want to use Gmail, for example, also professionally, you should therefore choose a serious username.
  4. Do not click on "Use my current email address instead" - otherwise you will get a Google account without a Gmail address!
  5. In the lowest fields of the form now enter a secure password. Remember this well and do not take your name or wedding date or similar to prevent identity theft.
  6. To the right, enter the password again.
  7. Then click "Next" and follow the instructions to create your Gmail account.

By Sebastien Jacobsohn

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