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BIOS button: This button gets you into the system

The firmware of an x86 PC is also called BIOS. The BIOS is run right after the computer is turned on and starts the operating system. But which key do you use to get into the BIOS to make changes? We'll tell you the most common key combinations.

These BIOS keys you should know

Every PC model has different key combinations that get you into the BIOS.However, there are certain keys that are commonly used. To open the BIOS, you need to press a certain key while the PC is booting. Press it several times so that you don't miss the right moment. Especially with newer PCs, the boot time for the operating system is very short, so you should start pressing the keys very early.
  1. Which key you need to use is determined by the manufacturer of the device.
  2. The most frequently used key is the "Del" key on your keyboard.
  3. This is followed by the various F keys. Hier sind „F1“ (Toshiba), „F2“ (Asus, Acer und Dell), „F8“ und „F10“ (HP und Compaq) die Tasten, die infrage kommen.
  4. Eher selten, aber von manchen Herstellern dennoch verwendet, ist die „Tab“-Taste.
  5. Manche Hersteller, wie Acer, setzen eher auf eine Tastenkombination als auf eine einzelne Taste. Dabei sind die beiden Kombinationen „Strg“ + „Alt“ + „Esc“ und „Strg“ + „Alt“ + „S“ vertreten.

By Tucker Leamer

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