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Valheim: The Ymir Meat - Info on Finding & Crafting

Among the numerous items in Valheim, some are harder to find than others. If you've already heard of ymir meat, we'll explain where to find it and what it's used for.

The meat of the gods: you can create suitably powerful items with Ymir meat.

The giant Ymir takes an important role in Germanic mythology. That his name appears in Valheim is therefore only logical.

Valheim: How to find Ymir meat and how to consume it

Ymir meat you can not get from enemies, the item is also not manufacturable.
  • You can buy it exclusively from Haldor the merchant. The price is 120 coins per unit.
  • After that, you can use Ymir meat to make two enormously powerful weapons.
  • The Frostner is a one-handed weapon for which you need 5 Ymir meat, 5 frost glands, 10 Ancient barks and 30 silver. It deals 35 blunt damage and 40 frost damage at level 1.
  • The Iron Hammer is a powerful two-handed sword. It costs 4 Ymir meat, 10 Ancient barks, 30 iron and 1 elite Draugr trophy to make. Base damage is 55 (blunt).
Keep in mind that you can also upgrade both weapons three more times, which requires more Ymir meat along with other materials. Es schadet also nicht, wirklich viele Münzen auf Lager zu haben, da die besonderen Waffen sehr kostspielig sind.

By Mackie

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