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Spotify: Alarm clock - is there the function?

Spotify is very attractive especially as an app on your smartphone. You can stream music without limits and from anywhere, anytime. On your smartphone, you even re-function Spotify into an alarm clock. Then your favorite music is played to you in the morning to get up.

How to make Spotify your alarm clock on your smartphone

On Android smartphones, you can easily use Spotify as an alarm clock. However, you look for the function in vain in the Spotify app.
  1. Download the free app Google clock from the Play Store.
  2. Open the app and tap under "Alarm clock" on the plus icon.
  3. Set the desired time.
  4. Followed by tap on "Default alarm". Instead of this alarm, now select Spoitify. The first time you set it up, you now need to connect your Spotify account by logging in.
  5. Finally, select a playlist you want to be woken up with.

More options for Android and iOS

There are other apps you can use as Spotify alarm clocks on Android and to a limited extent on iPhone:
  • Wakeify: For free, you can download the app Wakeify from the Google Play Store. Wakeify's song search works very simply and straightforwardly, plus you can select several wake-up songs from which something is then randomly selected every morning. You also have a handy snooze function available and can program different alarms.
  • Spot Alarm: With the app Spoti Alarm, which is also available in the iTunes store, you can be woken up on Apple devices by your Spotify songs. However, Spoti Alarm must also always run in the background and accordingly costs a lot of battery. According to user reviews, however, the app works only with limitations.

By Denni Mallozzi

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