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Get more bass out of your iPhone - here's how it works

If you want more bass on your iPhone, you have several options. On the one hand, the sound can be changed directly on your device in the settings. On the other hand, you also have a whole range of equalizer apps to choose from.

Adjusting more bass directly on your iPhone

In the settings on your iPhone, you can change various things about the sound. This includes that you can turn up the bass to hear your music on the iPhone in a better sound quality.
  1. First, go to the settings on your iPhone.
  2. Here you now select the menu "Music".
  3. Under "Equalizer" or "EQ" you will find the necessary settings to set more bass on the iPhone. For this, tap on "More bass".
  4. Alternatively to the manual settings, you will also find preset sound patterns for different music genres. Test these out if you are not sure which further sound settings you should optimally.

Alternative: Even more bass with Music Player

If the settings for more bass on the iPhone are not yet enough for you, then it is best to listen to your music via a music player with equalizer. Beispielsweise folgende Apps sind geeignet:
  • Equalizer+ Volumenverstärker und Musikspieler von AISBERG LLC
  • Boom: Music Player und Equalizer von Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  • Mit der App „Equalizer“ können Sie auch für Ihren vorhandenen Player mehr Bass am iPhone einstellen. Die App ist unter anderem mit Spotify kompatibel.

By Dewey

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