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X4: Split Vendetta - all info on the big expansion

X4: Foundations had to struggle with teething problems at release, but was steadily improved. Recently, the first major expansion, Split Vendetta, was released. We name the contents and the price.

Even bigger: Split Vendetta provides many hours of additional gameplay in X4.

For those who are already well advanced in X4, Split Vendetta has new material in store.

X4: Split Vendetta with innovations in many facets

The most important features of the expansion read as follows:
  • Among the most important features are the new story missions, which are introduced under the name "A lever to move the world". There are also the namesake new Split family clans.
  • In addition, the Split bring a new weapons technology.
  • Thanks to new solar systems, the universe is significantly larger.
  • There are both new ships and new modules for your space station. The range of weapons has also been expanded.
  • X veterans can switch the control to X3 retro mode.
  • In the spacesuit you will now see an oxygen indicator.
In addition, there have been some technical improvements, especially in the graphics. X4: Split Vendetta kostet 14,99 Euro, ist wahlweise aber auch im Komplettpaket mit dem Basisspiel erhältlich.

By Crabb Bluntson

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