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Using Maxdome without a subscription - this option is available

With Maxdome you have the possibility to watch a large part of movies and series for a monthly price. This subscription can be cancelled on a monthly basis. If you still do not want to book a subscription to watch a movie, Maxdome offers you the options to rent or buy individual movies and series.

How to use Maxdome without subscription

Maxdome offers you numerous movies and series. You have access to these if you pay a fixed monthly amount and thus book a subscription. However, if you do not want a subscription, you can rent or buy movies and series individually from a selected range.
  1. Maxdome offers you around 60,000 movies and series that you can access individually. Renting a title will cost you between 3 and 4 euros. The price depends on the selected quality and the film or series. You then have 48 hours to view the film.
  2. In contrast, if you want unlimited access to the film, you can also buy it. The price here is just under 10 euros. About your Maxdome account, you then always have access to the purchased content.
  3. If you have created your free Maxdome account and only buy and borrow movies, then otherwise no further costs occur.
  4. Alternatively, it is also possible to choose a free trial month of the subscription. Diesen können Sie wieder kündigen, ohne dass Kosten entstehen. Vor allem neue Filme sind aber nicht im Abo enthalten und müssen zusätzlich ausgeliehen werden.

By Melloney Risper

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