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Firefox Pocket: Save websites - how it works

If you want to save a website in Firefox, you can use the Pocket button to do so. Pocket is a feature that comes pre-installed in Firefox. To save a website, all you have to do is tap on the Pocket icon in the address bar. This looks like a coat of arms with an arrow pointing down.

How to use Pockets in Firefox

In Firefox you will find a handy feature to save websites and create bookmarks. The feature is called Pocket and does not need to be downloaded separately. You will find Pocket in Firefox immediately after installing it. However, it may happen that you have accidentally disabled Pocket and the button is not displayed. You can re-enable the feature in a few steps.

Enable Pocket

  1. Type the following command in the address bar: "about:config".
  2. Press "Enter".
  3. A note appears: "This may be the end of the warranty!".
  4. Select "I am aware of the dangers".
  5. Type "Pocket" in the search box and confirm with "Enter".
  6. You will now see the entry "extensions.pocket.enabled" and next to it the value "False".
  7. Delete the value and write "True" instead.
  8. Close the browser.
  9. The Pocket button will reappear after the restart.

This is how you save a website

  1. At the end of the address bar you will find the Pocket icon: Ein Wappen mit einem Pfeil, der nach unten zeigt.
  2. Klicken Sie auf das Symbol.
  3. Bei der ersten Nutzung werden Sie aufgefordert, sich anzumelden oder ein neues Konto anzulegen.
  4. Die Website wird nun in Pockets gespeichert.

By Tailor

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