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Nintendo Switch: YouTube setup - how to proceed

While it was initially only possible to use YouTube on the Nintendo Switch in a roundabout way, it is now possible to download the corresponding app from the Nintendo eShop without any problems. How to install and set up the app, we explain in this article.

How to download the YouTube app on the Nintendo Switch

Before you can use the YouTube app on your Nintendo Switch to watch videos, it is necessary to download it from the Nintendo eShop. In doing so, make absolutely sure that you have enough free space before downloading the app, which requires around 93 MB.
  1. To begin installing the app, first navigate to the console's home menu and click "Nintendo eShop".
  2. Then log in to the Nintendo eShop with your user data and search for "YouTube".
  3. Select the appropriate entry to open the app's detail page and click "Download" to download it to your console for free.

Nintendo Switch: How to set up the YouTube app

Once you have installed the YouTube app, you will find it on the Nintendo Switch's home screen and can open it by clicking on it. Launch the app for the first time, first select a language to use, and before you start playing videos, log in to YouTube. Additionally, it is required that you log in to your Nintendo account. Once you have selected a video to play, you will be presented with a control bar in the player where you can start or resume video playback by clicking on the "play icon".

By Kannan Baise

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