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Dyson Sphere Program: How to delete items

Too few materials is a problem - but an excess can also be troublesome, causing clogged conveyors and production lines. A simple antidote is manual deletion.

Apparently, but not explained: deleting items is done by pressing a button.

The more complex the production lines in Dyson Sphere Program become, the faster a surplus occurs. This can be especially problematic for resources with small stacks of 20, such as refined oil.

Dyson Sphere Program: Delete items at the touch of a button - here's how

If you see no way to use the excess products wisely and the stores are also already full, you can intervene manually in a pinch:
  1. Click on a stack.
  2. Press the "Del" key.
This simply deletes the stack. Ideally, this situation will not occur, but in case of doubt, deleting is better than faltering logistics. In addition, a tip: Typically, initially especially the refined oil provides for blockages - but this you can simply burn in thermal power plants and thus generate further energy.

By Stoddart Baiardo

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