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Paint.NET: Functions - all that the program can do

To replace Paint on Windows computers, Paint.NET was developed. The program now contains numerous functions and can definitely keep up with many other free image editing programs. It is mainly used when you do not need elaborate functions.

These are the features Paint.NET has

If you want to edit your images, but don't have the opportunity to learn GIMP or Photoshop, then Paint.NET is a good choice. The free image editor provides you with all the features you need to quickly edit your images. Paint.NET was developed as a successor to Paint, but has since exceeded the range of functions more than.
  1. In Paint.NET you can straighten the horizon on your images or also adjust contrasts.
  2. Also colors can be alienated or you create a high-contrast black and white.
  3. Using the selection function, you can select a specific area in your photo and change it. Here you have all the functions available that are also included in Paint.
  4. This includes, among other things, the "paint bucket", the various brush types, but also the drawing pen, with which you can draw sketches and the like.
  5. In addition, there is the sub-item "Corrections" in the menu. Here you can adjust the contrast, color saturation or even the brightness of your image.
  6. Also incorporate various effects into your photo to soften the image in certain places or remove red eyes.

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By Eydie Palomaki

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