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WoW Shadowlands: Classes at a glance - is a new one coming?

Earlier WoW expansions brought a new race and a new class in constant rotation. However, this rhythm no longer applies. Read which classes will be playable in Shadowlands.

Same conditions, new experience: the classes are being heavily revised for Shadowlands.

With twelve classes now available, WoW players have a decent selection. In Shadowlands, nothing will change - at least superficially.

WoW Shadowlands: No new class, but big changes

In Shadowlands, nothing will change in terms of classes, as no new class will be added. The total of twelve classes that are included at the state of Battle for Azeroth, so remain.However:
  • The revision of the classes should be very extensive and profound.
  • An important role in this plays the new feature called pacts. There are four pacts to choose from, players must choose one pact per character. This then allows a new ability for the character.
  • Furthermore, many abilities should no longer be tied to specializations, but available to all alignments of a class. An example of this are Lichritter and ice chains at the death knight.
  • In addition, some class skills return, which were no longer in the game for some expansions.
Despite the existing twelve classes, players can look forward to significant changes. Detailed info on the individual classes and the changes can be found on this official page.

By Hi Hawman

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