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Apple Watch 5: Is the smart watch waterproof?

In order to integrate the new Apple Watch 5 into your everyday life, it can be helpful to know whether the watch is waterproof. That's because it allows you to wear the smartwatch while swimming or showering and view interesting vital signs.

Is the Apple Watch 5 waterproof and what can it do?

Especially with regard to the measurability of vital signs, it is interesting to know whether the Apple Watch can also be used for swimming training.
  1. The positive news is that the Apple Watch 5 is suitable for swimming training. This is because the watch is waterproof and can even be used for dives up to 20 meters.
  2. However, Apple points out that each case material can show different reactions to chlorine. Thus, streaks can form in the case of white ceramic, and titanium and stainless steel cases can become dull.
  3. Apple also states that care should be taken with soap and shampoo, because this can affect the coating of the case as well as the display.
  4. The fact that you can track any activities with the smartwatch is particularly exciting. Because since the Apple Watch 5, the watch analyzes your movement behavior and gives you tips for improvement.

What else is new?

With the Apple Watch 5, it becomes standard that the display is permanently illuminated, which makes it similar to a normal watch. In addition, you can assemble the Apple Watch according to your own ideas and thus realize your individual taste.

By Wiener Messana

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