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Install Spotify Connect on Raspberry Pi

In times of streaming, Spotify is probably one of the most important media streamers that hardly anyone wants to do without. Spotify can also be installed on the Raspberry Pi, only a few preparations have to be made for this. All in all, however, the installation is not complicated.

How to install Spotify Connect on the Pi?

With Spotify Connect you can install Spotify on almost any device and stream music from it. To install Spotify Connect on the Raspberry Pi, follow these steps:
  1. You will need a Spotify Premium account, as only this will allow you to use Spotify on any device.
  2. Install Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi.
  3. Install Raspotify on your Pi with the following command: "curl -sL https://dtcooper.github.io/raspotify/installsh | sh".
  4. Now you can connect a speaker to your Raspberry and check if everything worked. To do this, select the device in your Spotify account under "Spotify Connect".
You can also control the Pi from your smartphone. So you can set any music you want to play on Spotify via your smartphone and then send it to the Raspberry Pi via WLAN. The latter selects the song and plays it via the connected speaker or speaker system. So nothing stands in the way of music enjoyment.

By Brett

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