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What is Google Discover? We explain the handy feature

The appropriate information should come to the user by itself and so-called feeds take over this task. At Google, the feature goes by the name Discover and we introduce it.

Convenient news delivery: Google Discover always presents you with the latest articles.

As the Internet continues to grow, so does the amount of information available every day. Tools like Google Discover help with filtering.

What is Google Discover and why is it so convenient?

Google Discover is a news feed for Android systems, although it is now also available for iOS.
  • If Google Discover is enabled and you open a mobile browser like Chrome, the feed will be displayed directly to you. Alternatively, you can also use Discover via the Google app. It is also possible to use it via widget.
  • The content is based on your preferences - at least as far as Android can correctly assess your preferences.
  • Thus, by using the feed, the articles become more and more accurate, as the software learns from your behavior.
  • You thus need less and less initiative to get news on all topics that interest you.
The displayed articles in Discover are called cards. In Ihrer Aktivitätsübersicht (im Google-Konto) können Sie außerdem sehen, welche Karten Sie bereits geöffnet und angesehen haben.

By Meli

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