IPhones and iPads, using third-party keyboards is dangerous: here’s why

Apple is warning users about a bug related to third-party keyboards that is expected to be fixed with the release of iOS 13.2. Tips to defend yourself

Apple has announced the arrival of a patch to fix a potentially risky issue related to the use of third-party keyboards on iPhones and iPads compatible with the new iOS 13 operating system. According to Apple itself, in fact, alternative keyboards to the iOS one would automatically obtain administrator privileges on the system, without the user having actually granted them.

A dangerous flaw, which allows to capture everything that is typed on the keyboard, including passwords and bank codes. If a hacker wanted to exploit it and create an "ad hoc" keyboard for iPhone and iPad, he could suddenly find himself, without making great efforts, with personal information of great importance, to be sold maybe in the dark web for a handful of euros. The problem should be solved with iOS 13.2, currently in beta testing.

What to do to defend yourself

Those who use third-party keyboards on Apple devices would do well to disable them until the release of the patch or the new version of the operating system of the house of Cupertino. Until then, it is also advisable not to install any other third-party keyboard on our iPhone, so as to avoid running unnecessary risks.

To check which third-party keyboards are installed on the iPhone and disable them, simply click on the Settings icon, enter the General section, then Keyboard and finally Keyboards. Here, as mentioned, you'll be able to see the list of keyboards installed on your device and, in case there are any that are different from the standard iOS one, disable them until the official operating system update is released.