Meteor, the app to speed test in no time

It's called Meteor Test & Grade Your Speed, it's an app that does intuitive speed tests and helps you improve the performance of your favorite apps

Are you looking for an app to speed test your line that can also give you the likely performance of your favorite apps using the same connection? We have the solution to your problem. It's called Meteor Test & Grade Your Speed. It's the best way to check your Internet speed.

There are many apps for speed testing your connection, and many of them are very good. Few of them are as intuitive as Meteor Test & Grade Your Speed, as the app is designed for users with minimal knowledge of technology. As mentioned, the app is also capable of testing the likely performance of our favorite apps. And the results are very easy to read, you don't need to read numbers, interpret pings, uploads or anything like that. Just read the feedback left by the app to the connection, ranging from bad to excellent. A sort of TripAdvisor of your network speed.

How it works Meteor Test & Grade Your Speed

The app is divided into three sections: Speed Test, Dashboard and History. Obviously in the first one you can perform all operations related to checking the speed of the connection, as you can guess from the name. In addition to the history of our tests we can also integrate the maps to know precisely the best and worst points where our connection was. A very useful aspect for those who often use their phone data around for work or for fun. A test on the Wi-Fi or data connection takes between 10 and 15 seconds. Depending on the results you can also send a notification message to OpenSignal developers for help or tips to improve your connection or the performance of a specific application with the same browsing speed. The app can be downloaded for free from the Play Store and works on all Android devices above version 4.1 Jelly Bean.