How to speed up the use of Facebook from a smartphone with an app

The developers of Floatricks have created Bubble Facebook, an app to manage notifications and favorite pages from a side menu without having to access the soc

Facebook puts us in touch with friends around the world and does so quickly and intuitively. But there's one thing, though: when used on a smartphone, the social networking app can slow us down, because in order to take a quick look or read notifications, we have to open the application. From today, however, thanks to Bubble Facebook will no longer be so.

Bubble for Facebook, how it works. The application, designed by developers Floatricks, will show a small bubble on the screen of your smartphone. When this marks a new notification we can open a sidebar containing the latest news on our social account. This allows you to use Facebook quickly and take a quick look without having to enter the app. Bubble Facebook has been built to give you better multitasking access to your favorite Facebook content. Along with access Bubble also allows you to enter your favorite pages to be shown in the sidebar menu.

What to do after installation

After installing the app we'll see a small bubble on our device, as a first step we'll be asked to select our favorite pages to be included in the easy access. If we were fans of engines, news or movies we could in this way have the latest news simply by scrolling on the bubble, without having to enter Facebook. In the sidebar, after selecting the favorites, we will see two tabs, one related to our Facebook Home and the other to the pages we follow that we have indicated as favorites.

How notifications are shown

By default notifications are shown as an icon in the bubble while in the side menu they are visible in the favorites tab. However these settings, such as choosing what kind of notification to show, are all customizable. From the bubble you can also see the messages directly. Obviously you can also decide the color, size and degree of transparency of the bubble itself. Bubble Facebook is particularly recommended for those who use social media a lot but at the same time manage other activities from their smartphone. It is perhaps less useful for occasional users who are less inclined to multitask. It is also not the best application for users who spend many hours on Facebook. Posting and downloading content is not as fast as the social app itself.