Airpods, we’re finally here. Tim Cook unveils release date

An alleged email response to a customer is making the rounds on the web in which Apple's CEO says the new headphones will soon go on sale

This is it, maybe. Apple would be ready to finally launch on the market the Airpods, the new wireless earphones announced by the Cupertino company in September during the presentation of the last top of the range of the Californian company, the iPhone 7.

According to what the website Mac Rumors reports, the delivery of the headphones could take place in the coming weeks. The release date would be revealed by Tim Cook in an email response sent to a customer asking for an explanation as to why the Airpods have not yet been marketed. According to plans, Apple was supposed to put Airpods on sale starting in October. Subsequently, the launch was postponed, so much so that some had begun to raise some doubts about the real intention of the Californian company to bring out the wireless earbuds on the market. Now perhaps the turning point has arrived, but will it be true? Apple for now neither confirms nor denies these rumors.

Announced in September

The new Apple earphones when they were presented in September have caused surprise and some perplexity, especially in people accustomed to listening to music through the old white headphones. The house of Cupertino, in fact, has eliminated the 3.5mm jack connector from its latest smartphone, the iPhone 7, in favor of the lightning input. This means that users of the bitten apple can no longer listen and charge the phone at the same time. The only way is to resort to some adapters or buy more wireless earbuds.

If the Airpods were launched specifically to replace the 3.5 jack connector, why haven't they gone on sale yet? According to most rumors, the earbuds are not yet ready.