Mobile Internet, speed has improved in 2018

In 2018, the mobile connection in Italy has improved: in the main Italian cities we travel at about 30Mbps. Here are the data from the AGCOM research

The AGCOM, The Authority for Communications Guarantees, has published a report on the speed of the mobile connection in Italy in 2018. The survey was carried out using the "Misura Internet Mobile" tool, a project carried out by the Authority itself that collects measurement data carried out by specialists in the sector.

The data from the research are comforting: in 26 of the 40 cities examined by AGCOM, the speed of the mobile connection has increased compared to 2017. The improvement is mainly due to investments made by phone operators to change phone antennas or upgrade the network. The average download speed recorded by AGCOM's tool is 31.1 Mbps, while in upload it is 20 Mbps. All data of the main Italian cities can be consulted directly on the tool of the Authority for Communications: just enter a valid address and in a few seconds will appear on the screen a summary table with all the data recorded by the main Italian operators: Vodafone, Tim, Wind and Tre. Unfortunately, Iliad is not present in the survey: the reason is quite simple, the period examined goes from April 2018 to August 2018 and Iliad is present in Italy since the end of May.

Mobile connection speed: data city by city

Let's start from the Capital: the download speed reaches an average of 30 Mbps, with a considerable increase of 19% compared to last year. Even in upload, the speed increased and marked a +17% compared to 2017 (19Mbps).

Slightly higher the speed recorded in Milan: 32 Mbps with a +3% compared to the previous year. Staying in the North, in Turin the download speed is 31 Mbps (+5%), while the upload reaches 21 Mbps (+11%). Bologna sets the record in download, reaching a speed of 40 Mbps (+10%).

The data are improving also in the South of Italy: in Naples the download speed is 21 Mbps (+7%) and the upload speed is 16 Mbps (+10%). In Bari, instead, almost 34 Mbps in download (+16%) and 21 Mbps in upload (+14%) are reached.