How to speed up Windows 10 by disabling background apps

Background apps weigh down your computer's memory and slow down Windows 10: here's how to disable them

With Windows 10, Microsoft's operating system has made a big step forward in terms of functionality and performance. But over the years, semi-annual updates have worsened the performance of Windows 10. What's the reason? Very simple. Microsoft released new programs and applications that did nothing but slow down the operating system. In many cases, these are useless tools that stay active in the background and occupy the device's memory.

If you run a check on your PC, you'll soon understand how background apps affect Windows 10's slowdown. The problem, in fact, is the number of active background programs that the user doesn't even know exist. Adding up the space taken up by each individual app, we arrive at the end result that half of the power of the Windows 10 PC is in the hands of useless software that we never used. Fortunately, Windows 10 allows users to better manage the processes active on the PC and disable background apps that we don't use: here's how to do it.

How to improve Windows 10 PC performance

The programs active in the background on Windows 10 can be managed by the user via the operating system settings. This is a rather simple operation and can be done by any person, even those who have little experience with computers.

The first step to take is to click on the Windows icon present in the "Taskbar". The Start menu will open and you'll have to select the gear-shaped icon in the left column. At this point, a new page will open and you have to click on the "Privacy" item (located at the end of the list). You'll have access to a new section: among the options in the left column, select "Background apps" (located at the end of the list). You are almost at the end of the job: you have in front of your eyes all the programs active in the background on your Windows 10 PC.

Now you have to carefully check the list and disable the applications you have never used. For example, there are some video games that have been added to your PC with the various Windows 10 updates: if you have never opened them, disable them. Once the cleaning operation is complete, your PC's performance will improve considerably.