Robots for home and gardening: here are the new LG solutions

The South Korean giant will present at CES its new line of robots for the home, these are artificial intelligences useful for gardening or in everyday life

LG is a multifaceted company. It is difficult to find a field of technology that the South Korean giant does not occupy in a significant way. Perhaps missing from the roll call are robots. But the use of the past tense of the verb is in order as LG will be putting its new robots in the spotlight at CES.

LG: robots for home and garden. Robots have slowly but increasingly become part of our everyday lives. There is still some mistrust on the part of consumers, but now there are many who use them for cleaning the house. Even LG, thinking about the idea of the house of the future, has created two robots that can act as personal assistants to be used in an apartment or for the care of a garden. Obviously both will take advantage of artificial intelligence to make them feel more "human" to users. There could also be a third model designed for airports and hotels that can help with useful information for travelers.

LG Robot Hub: the home assistant

The robot designed by LG for gardening will lend a hand in mowing, pruning and collecting weeds from the yard. Plus it will be able to help us with simple tips. And its shape will resemble that of a lawnmower. The most interesting, of the robots that LG will present at CES, however, is the Robot Hub. It is a personal assistant for the home, just like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. But according to the first rumors it will have a humanoid form. While the robot for tourist and commercial information should be spherical.

The choices of LG

It is curious to note that LG is deciding to enter the field of commercial robots with totally different ideas than competing companies such as Samsung or Apple. Queste aziende stanno puntando su intelligenze artificiali senza un vero corpo, da inserire nei loro vari dispositivi. LG invece sta proponendo diverse soluzioni ognuna con un compito specifico. Il mercato ci saprà presto dire se si tratta di una scelta azzeccata o meno.

project-method-1.jpgFonte foto: Hankook Mirae Technology

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