Samsung working on removable batteries for smartphone

The South Korean manufacturer has designed a new smartphone with an "old-fashioned aftertaste". The device, in fact, is equipped with a removable battery, like the cell phones of the past

Until a few years ago the battery issue was important, but not as crucial as today, in the choice of a smartphone. And the reason was simple: even if the battery got old quickly and no longer accumulated much energy, it was possible to replace it.

Now that's no longer the case: batteries have been integrated into smartphones for years and are not replaceable, officially to allow for more compact and thinner designs, as well as to improve the water and dust resistance of the devices. A trend launched by Apple on iPhones and then, gradually, married by all manufacturers. But, perhaps, we could return to see on the market at least some device (low cost) with replaceable battery. Samsung, in fact, is working on a low-end smartphone with a battery that can be removed and replaced. It would be the model SM-A013F, while the battery would have the code EB-BA013ABY.

Smartphone with removable battery: what Samsung will do

Today Samsung has a range of smartphones with removable battery, the Galaxy Xcover 4s range, which is however intended for a few markets and has extremely low technical characteristics. These smartphones even have physical buttons, to be clear. These are devices for specific purposes, such as use outdoors and in very dusty places like construction sites, so much so that these smartphones are IP68 certified.

Clearly the Samsung SM-A013F will not be such a device, but a smartphone for the general public. It is possible is that it will be a variant of the Galaxy A01 (code SM-A015F), but it could also be a different device. For sure, though, it won't be a top-of-the-line or a mid-range device. The most interesting thing, however, is that this battery will be able to be used on a smartphone sold in Europe as well.

Samsung removable battery: what we know

The Sammobile blog, which specializes in Samsung devices, has published a photo of the EB-BA013ABY battery. It is an accumulator built in China by BYD (one of the leaders in this field). It has a capacity of 2,920 mAh and dimensions of 70×55 millimeters. This is a pre-production specimen, so much so that it bears the date 06/06/2020. However, this battery is already ready for the market because it shows on the surface all the logos of the certifications, even the CE one for the European market.