Samsung working on a new foldable smartphone

Samsung would be working on a new foldable smartphone? According to rumors it will easily turn into a tablet. Here's the news

Now we're just a few days away from the debut of the Galaxy Fold, Samsung's foldable smartphone. These phones are catching on quickly in the market: in addition to the Korean company, other brands are also about to launch their flexible models. For example, there is also great anticipation for the Huawei Mate X foldable smartphone and the Motorola RAZR.

Samsung, however, is definitely the most committed and active company in this regard. And although the official debut of the Galaxy Fold is still a few months away, it is already working on a new model, which could make its debut by the end of the year or early 2020. The presentation of the Huawei Mate X, which uses a stylistic solution diametrically opposed to the one chosen by Samsung for the Galaxy Fold, seems to have convinced the South Korean company. Samsung would be working on a new smartphone characterized by two horizontal folds that would allow it to be immediately transformed into a tablet with a large touch screen.

How will be the new foldable Samsung smartphone?

The rendering was published on the Dutch news site LetsGoSocial and shows the structure of the new flexible smartphone that Samsung would be working on. First of all, the smartphone includes two screens, one external and one internal. At the front, the interface is given by the union of two displays attached to each other. This double display can be opened horizontally, just like a two-door closet. The two electronic parts open and fold back until they align with the back surface. After fully opening the dual display, it joins the back and turns around. So there you have it, the whole back of the phone turns into a big touch screen to be used as a real tablet.

There is no some official news from Samsung, so it is unknown if and when the project will go on sale. Also because, apart from the foldable display, there is no news about the main components. Samsung usually is very detailed about patents, so someone even made the hypothesis that this prototype is actually a fake. Also, there is no information about the screen protection. In fact, this type of display is the most exposed to scratches if the device is dropped. This is because it bends outward and not inward, as will happen with the Galaxy Fold. Undoubtedly, however, the rendering published on LetsGoDigital corresponds to a real intention stated by Samsung: the desire to present a new foldable smartphone.