Samsung is preparing its first foldable laptop

Samsung is preparing for another "first": after bringing foldable displays to smartphones, it's now time for laptops

Samsung is reportedly working on its first laptop with a foldable display. The indiscretion was launched on Twitter by an informant generally reliable and well informed about what happens in Seoul as Ice Universe, and is consistent with what you would expect from a company like Samsung, which more than others has the know-how to deal with a complex project like this.

The realization of a laptop with foldable display must not be simple. It is certainly a fascinating challenge for designers, but it also requires large financial investments and sufficient knowledge of the subject and the challenges involved. However, there doesn't seem to be a company in the current technological landscape that can take on the challenge more than Samsung, on the strength of the experience accumulated over three generations of foldable smartphones in various capacities, the latest of which, with the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3, has been on the market for a very short time.

The power of font and correct terms

Ice Universe shared on Twitter what should be a screenshot of a "Galaxy Book Fold 17" wording. To bring it closer to Samsung is the font used, typical of the designations of all products of the Korean company and used almost everywhere on the portal of the company.

So, even if the Samsung logo does not appear in the screenshot of Ice Universe nor the informant mentions the Seoul company, there can be no doubt that the name belongs to a product of Samsung, as if the term Galaxy is not already inextricably linked to the company.

The strength of what Samsung has created over the years can be seen in these moments, when a simple screenshot is enough to say a lot about a product of which, basically, nothing is known yet. But, precisely, an analysis is enough to know so much. Galaxy Book, for example, identifies all Samsung's notebooks such as the recent Galaxy Book Go or Galaxy Book Pro.

Fold is equally self-explanatory, because by now from 2019 distinguishes the foldable "book" from the remaining Galaxy smartphones, finally "17" should identify the diagonal of the display.

Galaxy Book Fold 17 we may have already seen

It is curious that at Display Week 2021 Samsung showed how years of research and investment have yielded foldable displays with different form factors and consequently different purposes. In a video made for the occasion appears just what could be the mysterious Galaxy Book Fold 17, that is, in fact, a tablet much larger than usual with a fold in the middle so as to be closed on itself when not in use.

Some will object that it lacks the keyboard, and in fact in the prototype shown in the video there is no room for a physical keyboard because it is all occupied by the display. Samsung could fix this with a solution already known, that is, with a removable keyboard that connects wirelessly to the Galaxy Book Fold 17 or with a special connector, perhaps magnetic.

At the moment, as mentioned, the information is scarce, not to say absent. But soon we will certainly know more about this fascinating project.