Samsung has launched a luxury smartphone, but we can’t buy it

Those looking for a phone capable of turning heads may find Samsung's new device a worthy product. But, beware: it's not for everyone.

The public who love luxury style and glitz is always looking for new smartphones that can combine technology with an exterior that knows how to get noticed. Samsung knows this well and, for its latest device, has thought of a taste decidedly over the top without sacrificing one of the most iconic form factors.

It has an attractive line, a color palette that does not go unnoticed and details that make it recognizable among other competitors, not to mention the booklet format that provides a large display all to discover. We are talking about Samsung W22 5G, the new foldable phone with which the Korean company aims to grab a slice of the public that does not want to stop at a minimalist design and clean, favoring in this way the ostentation of luxury at 360 degrees and a technical sector of all respect, from the two integrated screens up to the SoC of last generation. Do you feel like you've heard these features before? No, you are not mistaken: Samsung W22 5G is the luxury version of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3.

Samsung W22 5G, technical characteristics

The cards in order to get noticed this Samsung W22 5G has them all. It starts right with the internal screen, the largest, 7.6-inch QXGA +, advanced quality thanks to Dynamic AMOLED 2X and 120Hz adaptive refresh rate; outside, however, a 6.2 "HD + Dynamic AMOLED display, also with 120Hz refresh rate. In the shell, the octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor with 5nm manufacturing process handles all operations, coordinating 16GB RAM and 12GB storage.

Gifted with dualSIM, both in nano format, the smartphone has a photographic compartment decidedly enjoyable starting from the rear triple module with 12MP main lens, telephoto lens 12MP bright and f/2.4 that can count on 2x optical zoom and digital 10x and ultra-wide angle with 120° field of view, 12MP resolution and f/2.2 aperture. On the front body, with the device closed, there is a 10MP cam with f/2.2 aperture. Last, but only in order of presentation, the lens for selfies and video calls positioned under the display from 4MP and aperture f/1.8.

Among other specifications of this foldable 5G (but also Dual 4G VoLTE) that already arrives with Android 11 customized with One UI version 3.1 there are Dolby Atmos stereo amplifiers, IPX8 certification and fingerprint recognition sensor mounted on the side of the chassis. Communication is also guaranteed by Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC and USB Type-C 3.2 port, also used for wired charging at 25W of the 4400mAh battery, while the wireless one stops at 10W. Reverse charging at 4.5W is also available.

And the exterior? As anticipated, it is certainly not to be underestimated. With a black Armour Aluminium cover and flashy gold vertical hinge, Samsung W22 5G shows off its appeal, made even more evident by the "Heart to the World" logo stamped on the mechanism. But it is precisely the gold movement that hides, or rather protects, a secret: it is here that you can store the stylus of Samsung, S Pen.

Samsung Galaxy W22 5G, when it will arrive

The new smartphone produced by Samsung is already on the market at a price not really suitable for all pockets, or about 2,275 euros at current exchange rates. A figure that, it seems clear, has nothing to envy to other examples of flagship products from the South Korean parent company currently on sale.

For those waiting to be able to touch the latest product in chronological order and show off his flashiness with friends and acquaintances there is bad news waiting for him. In fact, the technology giant has chosen to dedicate the device exclusively to China, cutting out - at least for now - all other nations including Italy.