Volta, the smart electric bike that measures physical activity

Volta is an electric bike with a range of about 65 kilometers. Thanks to the GPS system, it is thief-proof. It is available on Kickstarter

Elon Musk as usual has set the standard. He was one of the first to make a fully electric car and the big car companies were forced to chase. And now his example arrives in the world of two wheels: on Kickstarter a startup has launched a fundraiser for the electric bike Volta.

The battery can power a small motor that assists the pedaling of users especially in the most challenging uphill stretches. But that's not all. In fact, the battery has an autonomy of about 65 kilometers and allows you to cover large distances within a couple of hours. Volta is not the first electric bicycle launched on the market, but it is definitely one of the lightest: only 15 kilograms. The bike is mainly dedicated to those people who need to move within the city or take a walk in the park or in the countryside (to see how the bike is made, look at the pictures in the photo gallery)

Volta, the features of the electric bike

The main feature of the electric bike is definitely the possibility to connect it with your smartphone. In fact, the electric bike is also smart: it collects the data of the person's physical activity and sends them directly to the smartphone, so that each user can analyze them to quantify the effort made. The app is available for both smartphones and tablets. As mentioned, the battery ensures a range of about 65 kilometers and is located below the saddle, while the small electric motor is positioned next to the gearbox.

The anti-thief bike

Bikes are very convenient to move within the city, but they have one problem: they are easy prey for thieves. Per questo motivo, Volta integra un sistema GPS che permette al proprietario di conoscere in qualunque momento l’esatta posizione della bicicletta. In caso di furto basterà attivare l’applicazione e controllare sulla mappa in quale punto della città si trova.

Prezzo e disponibilità

Volta non è economica: la si può acquistare su Kickstarter per 1499 dollari (circa 1450 euro) e le prime spedizioni inizieranno nel mese di agosto. Sarà possibile comprarla anche in Italia, direttamente dal sito di Kickstarter.

speed-x.jpgFonte foto: Kickstarter

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