What are hybrid smartwatches

In addition to classic watches and smartwatches, there are also hybrid ones. Let's see how they work and which one we should choose according to our needs

In recent times we have learned to distinguish between "classic" watches and smartwatches. Less famous, however, are the hybrid watches. They are a particular type of smartwatch launched by major watch companies in recent years: externally they look like normal watches, but inside they hide a technological heart.

They usually have an analog dial, like the watches we wear every day (although some hybrid smartwatches have been made with touch screen), but in the case they have sensors that monitor the number of steps, calories burned and distance traveled. Also, like fitness trackers, they offer the ability to set an alarm for the morning. To check the data collected by the hybrid smartwatch and change some of the device's settings, you can use the app available for smartphones and tablets. Hybrid watches are the ideal solution for those who want to embrace technology, but with an eye on design.

How hybrid smartwatches work

To connect the hybrid watch with the smartphone, you need to use Bluetooth. From the application, in addition to monitoring data, you can set the operation of the buttons on the watch. With the classic buttons on the smartwatch case, the user will be able to change the music they are listening to on their smartphone and interact with notifications from WhatsApp or social platforms. Usually, the battery of a hybrid smartwatch lasts from six months to two years.

Which hybrid smartwatch to buy

There are not many hybrid watches on the market. There are quite a few companies that have invested in this new field and the devices are similar to each other. The features offered are almost identical (monitoring physical activity, managing notifications and music), the only thing that changes is the design  and the price. As it happens for all devices, there are different price ranges: they range from the cheapest that cost about 200 euros, up to very high figures. The perfect choice does not exist, everything depends on the budget available and your own tastes.

The differences with smartwatches

The main difference with smartwatches lies in the applications. While in "real" smartwatches (the Apple Watch for instance), you can download apps from the online store and interact with them, in hybrid smartwatches you can't install any app. They are not created to give the opportunity to the person to interact with the device, but only offer additional functionality compared to the normal watches we wear on our wrist.