What are space and cyberphysical system

With the advent of Industry 4.0 we will start to hear about space and cyberphysical system: two similar words but with a completely different meaning

With the development of Industry 4.0 and the various technologies related to it we will start to hear about cyberphysical space. But not only that. This new term implies another one, namely the cyberphysical system. Let's try to understand what is meant by these two new words and what they will imply.

Let's start by saying that between cyberphysical system and cyberphysical space there is a clear difference. A cyberphysical space is nothing more than a digital twin of an analog reality within which models and objects can also be inserted. Thanks to the technologies we possess nowadays it is very easy to take measurements, through sensors, of a real space and create an identical digital twin. This can be very useful in the real estate and furniture industry. Also because we can apply all the changes we want to the digital twin by seeing a preview of what a real space would look like with those changes.

Cyber Physical Systems

One of the technological elements that characterize Industry 4.0 are precisely cyber physical systems, in English Cyber Physical Systems or CPS. In principle, the basic technologies that constitute a cyberphysical system do not present any particular novelty compared to the past, they are, in fact, composed of mechanical elements, sensors, an automatic control system and a local processing capacity based on rules stored in a database, and of course communication components, which allow the connection within the factory. The key aspect is the data. The success of this system within companies will depend solely on their ability to manage and analyze the vast amount of data coming in from cyber-physical systems. They will primarily affect the manufacturing sector. But they could make a difference in other fields as well.