3 series to watch if you liked Gomorra

Fans of Genny and Ciro can find many streaming alternatives: here are the crime genre TV series available on the different platforms

Gomorra is one of the most popular Italian TV series of recent years. Born in 2014 it has conquered the audience episode after episode, also accomplice the success of the novel from which it is taken.

The story of Gomorra, in fact, begins in 2006 when Roberto Saviano published the homonymous book that told the empire built by the Camorra in Naples. The novel has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide, becoming a real literary case. From the pages of the book were then born a movie and the Italian TV series, from which was taken the spinoff L'Immortale. The filming of the saga Gomorra - The series was interrupted at the beginning of 2020 because of the Coronavirus but, after a few months, the cast returned to the set to finish filming the fifth season. The protagonists are always them, Gennaro Savastano and Ciro di Marzio. Together they have one goal: to take control over Naples. The story of Gomorra is unforgettable for many, but fortunately video streaming platforms offer several similar alternatives. The most famous is definitely Suburra, but the ecosystem is really wide and it is possible to find little known but really interesting titles for all Gomorra fans.

Dope on Netflix

The first content to watch is called Dope and it is a TV series forbidden to minors under 14 and divided into three seasons. It is a cross between a documentary and a TV series, where the crimes related to drug trafficking are seen and told from the point of view of drug dealers and traffickers.

It tells the solutions adopted by criminal organizations to introduce large quantities of drugs in the United States. Of course, there is also the relationship with the police, now equipped with increasingly sophisticated tools to intercept illegal trafficking.

In short, a real war is staged on the small screen, with no holds barred, which objectively and crudely recounts the lives of criminals, the police but also drug addicts. Emotions, breathtaking scenes and twists are assured.

Dope is available on Netflix.

El Chapo on Netflix

We remain in the field of crime and drugs to talk about another very interesting TV series, reminiscent of both Gomorra and Narcos.

El Chapo is a drama show that tells the true story of the famous Mexican drug trafficker Joaquin Guzmán, nicknamed El Chapo. We follow his steps: from his rise in crime, until his capture and escape from prison.

A curiosity: Guzmàn himself, who is currently detained at the maximum security prison of the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York, has denounced Netflix because it has made a TV series, telling personal stories, without making an explicit request to the person concerned.

And in fact, the series reveals all the nuances of this character, one of the absolute leaders of Mexican crime.

El Chapo is available on Netflix.

Rocco Schiavone on Prime Video

As the title says, the Italian TV series tells the story of Rocco Schiavone, a borderline cop with a rather irascible and off-screen character. Transferred from Rome to Aosta, he finds himself in a completely different reality to the one he is used to. He will investigate mysterious crimes that shake a seemingly quiet town.

Rocco Schiavone is available on Amazon Prime Video.