3 series to watch if you liked The Office

Set in an imaginary office, ironic and full of food for thought: here are many streaming shows to watch after The Office.

From original characters to irreverent comedy, this is more is The Office, the TV series set in an imaginary office that has won millions of fans around the world. The show was created in 2005 and is one of the most interesting examples of mockumentary, that is a fake documentary.

In The Office, comedy dominates the scene and often takes to the extreme situations that could occur normally in any office and in which it is easy to identify. It is therefore characterized by the typical dynamics of the working environment, including dislikes between colleagues, gossip, betrayals and low blows. Each character is an employee of the company and has a well-defined personality, with some sides of the character are extreme. The Office is currently available on Amazon Prime Video and has been able to influence and inspire many other titles available on streaming. Those who loved this TV series will therefore enjoy the following.

Derek on Netflix

Derek, like The Office, is also a mockumentary, so it is shot as a fake documentary set in a nursing home. The main character is Derek Noakes (Ricky Gervais) who has been working as a caregiver at the facility for three years.

The man is very kind and helpful, but because of his naiveté and low intelligence he is often ridiculed and ostracized by his co-workers and the residents of the nursing home. The series is a satire on the prejudices against disabled people and alternates between ironic and thought-provoking moments.

Derek is available on Netflix.

The IT Crowd on Netflix

The second series is more about nerds, technology and the internet and is also reminiscent of The Big Bang Theory. But it has several similarities with The Office, also because one of the creators, Ash Catalla, is the same.

The IT Crowd tells the story of three main characters: Jen is the IT manager of a company in London, Roy and Maurice are two computer scientists with difficulties in relating to the outside world. Their department is isolated from the rest of the company: they work in a basement and here they indulge in chats, confessions and many funny moments.

The IT Crowd is available on Netflix.

Mad Men on Amazon Prime Video

This TV series tells the dynamics of the advertising agency Sterling & Cooper in New York and is set in the sixties. It portrays the lives of some colleagues and focuses in particular on the creative director, Don Draper.

Mad Men is therefore always set in the office but certainly less ironic and comical, indeed capable of portraying, sometimes in a crude and cynical way, the American society of that period, characterized by events of enormous historical importance: from the presidential campaign of John Kennedy and Richard Nixon to Kennedy's assassination in 1963.

Mad Men is available on Amazon Prime Video.