3 series to watch if you liked Stranger Things

Did you love the events set in Hawkins and are you looking for a similar TV series? We suggest you three contents that will keep you glued to the screen

When we finish a TV series that we are passionate about, we often feel a sense of emptiness, which we decide to fill with a similar content. Unfortunately, given the huge amount of shows in circulation, it is often difficult to find what can conquer us and keep us glued to the screen.

This is certainly the feeling shared by many fans of Stranger Things that waiting for the fourth season, postponed because of the Coronavirus, are hunting for something to watch in streaming. The TV series is characterized by many interesting ingredients: it is first of all a story of love, friendship with science fiction traits, where a close-knit group of boys, one of which has paranormal powers, fighting against a monster from a parallel dimension. Around them gravitate other interesting themes: the relationship between parents and children, adolescent problems but also political corruption. Complete the whole a touch of horror and continuous references to pop culture eighties, fascinating period in which the show is set. And here is created a small masterpiece capable of accumulating millions of views in a short time.

TV series similar to Stranger Things: Dark on Netflix

often referred to as the German alternative to Stranger Things, Dark has several elements in common with the show produced by the Duffer brothers.

It recounts the mysterious events that occur in the town of Winden, where two children disappear from one day to the next and the whole community is committed to finding them. Thanks to the kidnapping, it is discovered that the families of the children are strangely intertwined and that 33 years earlier a similar episode happened to the Nielsen family: little Mad disappeared at the age of 13 without a trace.

The elements in common between the two TV series are different: first of all, the starting point, that is the disappearance of the children, connected to frightening and inexplicable events. Certainly Dark has a more serious and dramatic tone and introduces other complex themes, such as the principle of self-consistency: the characters can travel through time but not influence destiny.

It is then a series more recommended to adults than Stranger Things that instead is suitable for a younger audience. It is undoubtedly a leap forward, a mix of drama, thriller and story full of mystery and twists.

The first two seasons of Dark are available on Netflix.

Marvel's Runaways on Tim Vision

After talking about Dark, a TV series more serious and suitable for an adult audience than Stranger Things, Marvel's Runaways is definitely ideal for kids.

The show signed Marvel tells the story of a group of six teenagers who discover that their parents are part of an occult sect called Pride, which commits crimes and endangers the World. The young people then decide to defeat it, coming into contact with strange creatures and alien forms.

Themes include the clash of generations, teenage drama, power games and of course a good dose of magic and supernatural. It is available on Tim Vision.

The Umbrella Academy on Netflix

Back on Netflix, you can come across another revelation TV series of recent years: The Umbrella Academy. The common thread is always the group of young people linked to magic and supernatural.

The TV series tells the story of a group of children with super powers who are adopted by Reginald Hargreeves who trains them within a real school, called The Umbrella Academy. The team of little superheroes grows up and is trained to fight crime.

In the TV series they are grown up and each has their own life, but they meet during a particular event. Among the characters Vanya, played by Ellen Page, is definitely one of the protagonists and in a way reminds of Eleven, both are outcasts and have a destructive power that in some cases they can not control.

As mentioned The Umbrella Academy is available on Netflix, you can watch it while waiting for the third season.

A last treat suitable for kids and reminiscent of Stranger Things is the movie Rim of the World available on Netflix. Enjoy watching!