3 series to watch if you liked Friends

If you loved Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Joey and Chandler and you're in Friends withdrawal, you can find many similar shows on streaming. Here's what they are

The TV series Friends aired for the first time on September 22, 1994 and from the first notes of the theme song won the hearts of many viewers. Just think of the famous clap to the rhythm of the theme song and you're done!

Friends tells the funny and wacky stories of a group of friends and neighbors in New York: Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Joey and Chandler are close-knit, ironic and entertain everyone with their funny stories. It becomes easy for everyone to identify with a character or relive a hilarious moment of the show, often told during their meetings at Central Perk, the bar where Rachel works, a meeting point for the whole group. The strength of the show is linked precisely to the everyday events and characterization of the characters. The show has entertained audiences for 10 seasons, also influencing the plot and style of many more recent series. We see the atmosphere of Friends in many TV shows, from How I Meet Your Mother to the most recent The Big Bang Theory. Here's what Friends-like TV series to watch on streaming.

Scrubs - Doctors in the early hours on Amazon Prime Video

Those who haven't yet, should immediately tune in to Amazon Prime Video and start the first season of Scrubs, one of the most interesting and entertaining TV series of the last decade. It could really turn out to be a favorite, after Friends of course.

Scrubs is set inside a hospital and sees as protagonists J.D. and his friend Turk, two interns struggling with their first work experiences. Here they will get to know Dr. Cox, a cynical and negative doctor, Elliot, J.D.'s colleague with whom the boy will fall in love, but also Carla, the nurse who will become Turk's girlfriend.

The TV series is really enjoyable and, just like Friends, takes episodes of everyday life in an ironic and funny way.

New Girl on Netflix

New Girl is the TV series starring actress Zooey Deschanel, who plays the role of Jess. After ending a romance with her longtime boyfriend, Jess decides to move into a new apartment in Los Angeles with three other guys.

Apparently harmless and cute, she is actually wacky, a true hurricane capable of disrupting the lives of her roommates. Together they will experience many adventures and will form a very strong friendship.

Also in this case everyday life, fun, unexpected events and friendship come back: that's why it is the perfect TV series for those who loved Friends.

New Girl is available on Netflix.

The Big Bang Theory on Infinity

To close the list there could not be The Big Bang Theory, another favorite daughter of Friends. Here too we find the sitcom format, here too the overwhelming irony, but the TV series manages to take another element typical of Friends.

Surely the TV series borrows many elements, able to compensate for the abstinence from the show of the nineties. Unlike the other show, the protagonists of The Big Bang Theory are nice nerds, with their fixations and foibles. And that's what makes them interesting and wins over the audience.

In short, it's time to enjoy watching the 12 seasons of The Big Bang Theory on Infinity.

Those who would rather spend an evening re-watching episodes of Friends can do so: it's available on Netflix.