Nokia 9.2 Pure View, the front camera will be revolutionary

The Finnish manufacturer would like to carve out a “place in the sun” by bringing to market a device with front camera under the display For a few days Nokia is back in the news following several rumors, from different sources, about a new range of smartphones coming in 2020. Nokia, according to these rumors, … Read more

The best mobile offers under 10 euros

To minimize the expenses for the mobile rate for your smartphone without giving up a rich bundle of minutes, SMS and, above all, GB is possible. On the market, in fact, there are several mobile phone offers under 10 Euros per month, a psychological threshold that, for many, separates a convenient rate from an overpriced … Read more

3 series to watch if you liked Friends

If you loved Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Joey and Chandler and you’re in Friends withdrawal, you can find many similar shows on streaming. Here’s what they are The TV series Friends aired for the first time on September 22, 1994 and from the first notes of the theme song won the hearts of many viewers. … Read more