WhatsaApp, how to use automatic responses

Installing an application on your smartphone you can automatically respond to WhatsApp messages: here's how to do it

Sometimes it can be boring to respond to messages from friends on WhatsApp. Especially if we are within many groups. Every morning we receive the "Good morning" and if we do not respond someone may be offended. It would be very useful to have a feature on WhatsApp that would allow you to automatically respond to messages. Unfortunately, at the moment it is not yet available and we do not know if the developers have plans to implement it. What to do in such cases? Simple, install an ad hoc app.

Few people know about it, but on the Google Play Store there are some apps that allow you to set up automatic replies on WhatsApp. These apps are developed by independent software houses and are completely legal. The only problem concerns the permissions you have to grant: in order to use automatic replies on WhatsApp you need the app to be able to read the messages and notifications you receive. The most downloaded app for Android users to enable auto replies on WhatsApp is AutoResponder for WA, available for free on the Google Play Store. Here's how to enable WhatsApp auto replies.

What it is and how it works AutoResponder for WA

AutoResponder for WA is an Android app that allows you to set up auto replies on WhatsApp. Using it is not very complicated: after downloading it from the Google Play Store and installing it on your smartphone, you need to grant the required permissions in order to use all the features. The permissions cover both the ability to access WhatsApp messages and notifications received.

After completing the initial steps, you can start setting up automatic responses for WhatsApp. The operation is very simple: in AutoResponder for WA we will have to enter the responses to be given to some messages we receive. For example, we can set that every time we receive a message with the word "Good morning", the bot will automatically send the response "Good morning".

The application also offers the possibility to create automatic responses on WhatsApp that are sent only at certain times (for example, when we are having lunch or dinner) or only for some contacts (friends who always bother us while we are working).

The automatic bot for WhatsApp is very useful especially for those who receive dozens of messages in groups in which they are members and unfortunately can not leave. Setting up automatic replies is the only solution to solve this problem.