Where to see the derby Toro – Juve on TV and streaming

The derby della Mole is just a few moments away: at 18:00 Torino and Juventus will take the field, here's how to watch the match and on which devices you can do it

Today, Saturday, October 2, 2021, at 18:00, the derby Torino-Juventus is played, valid for the seventh day of the Italian soccer league Serie A. A challenge full of charm, the derby of the Mole, a match not to be missed also in light of the victory of the Bianconeri in the Champions League, against Chelsea, which has lifted the spirits of the locker room and the fans.

Mister Allegri, for his part, said that "The derby with Torino is more difficult than the match with Chelsea", while Juric stated without a doubt that "In Turin there is only the Toro", and this adds spice to the classic recipe, already excellent given the no longer stellar performance of Juve in the league. Un match da non perdere, quindi, da vedere dal primo minuto in streaming perché, come tutta la Serie A 2021/22 anche Torino-Juve si vede su DAZN, con telecronaca di Pierluigi Pardo, commento tecnico di Massimo Ambrosini e pre-partita a partire dalle 17:15. Ecco come vedere Torino-Juve e con quali dispositivi è possibile farlo.

Torino-Juve solo su DAZN

Torino-Juventus viene trasmessa in esclusiva da DAZN in streaming e non è disponibile su altre piattaforme TV: né su satellite né su digitale terrestre. Per vedere Torino-Juventus è quindi essenziale essere abbonati a

Gli abbonati a DAZN possono vedere Torino-Juve da computer, collegandosi al sito dell’emittente con qualsiasi browser, oppure da altri dispositivi, usando l’app: smartphone, Smart TV, TIMVision Box, console, Amazon Fire TV o Google Chromecast.

Torino-Juve on digital terrestrial

Those who live in areas with insufficient Internet connection and own a DAZN TV Box (here all the info on this TV box from DAZN) can watch the match on channel 409 on digital terrestrial.

Torino-Juventus is in fact the only match at 18:00, so there is no risk that DAZN will choose another one to broadcast on its backup channel on digital terrestrial. The same can't be said for Sunday's matches, when both 15:00 and 18:00 there will be two games at the same time.