Windows 10 updates with fewer problems: Microsoft’s solution

Microsoft has launched a new solution to release updates with fewer problems for the Windows 10 operating system

After the recent compatibility problems for Windows 10 updates, Microsoft is working to avoid blocking them and find a solution. To solve the problem of incompatibilities with drivers, tests with combinations of hardware, artificial intelligence and machine learning systems have been intensified.

The latest Windows 10 updates from May 2019 Update on some occasions have been blocked by Microsoft due to incompatibilities with computer drivers. A very serious problem, which has caused the postponement of sometimes necessary updates especially for security patches of Microsoft's operating system.

Windows 10 and drivers, when to release updates

The problem of incompatibility between PC drivers and the latest version of Windows 10 has become recurrent and Microsoft has had to take action, revising the terms of the cadence of the release of drivers with the companies of manufacturers. As of now, drivers that require approval from the Redmond-based company will no longer be released during the distribution of major updates, nor monthly cumulative Windows 10 updates.

Specifically, manufacturers will not be able to distribute their drivers one day before and after cumulative updates, nor two days before and after major Windows 10 updates. This new measure should ensure exact release schedules for manufacturers, who will be able to plan and communicate their driver deployments on time, but more importantly provide a better user experience for those installing the updates.

Microsoft offers more control to manufacturers

The new cadence of OS and driver updates chosen by Microsoft offers more control to manufacturers. They will have the ability to both plan driver releases and communicate them to Microsoft on time, as well as control them.

A new condition that indicates that if a manufacturer were to experience compatibility issues with its deployed driver, it would have the ability to request that a Windows 10 update be blocked for 60 days until the updated driver is validated and released.