The robot teacher that teaches you to dance

Systems Robotic Lab has created a robot with two arms, a mobile torso and three wheels that can dance and helps people learn new choreography

Do you love dancing, especially Latin American dancing, but you can never find the right partner to practice? No problem, thanks to Systems Robotic Lab we can dance on the dance floor with a robot at our side. And it looks even less stiff than some people.

The dancing robot is built on a system of movable metal arms that move thanks to three small wheels. It has a "torso" that moves up and down to simulate the movement of the human body during some dances. Completing the robot are two arms that move according to the dance steps to be performed and that can guide even less experienced dancers. To make this mechanical dance instructor more human, the designers of Systems Robotic Lab thought of coating the upper part of the robot with silicone, in the arms and trunk, and then recreated a face with expressive eyes.

How it works

The creator of the project is researcher Diego Felipe Paez Granados. As mentioned, the robot, in addition to acting as a shoulder to the most experienced dancers, can also help in the first steps people who do not have much practice with dance. Learning from the robot master is much easier than with a human partner. The way the machine is structured it can, in fact, move in all directions guiding the dancer through the use of robotic arms. In addition, the robot studies our progress. Thanks to sensors, in fact, it records all the steps of the dance students and then compares them with an internal database, made by professional dancers. As we improve, the robot teaches us new, increasingly complicated dance steps. During the testing phase out of six apprentice dancers, five learned to optimally dance all the choreographies in the robot's database. In short, it may not be as romantic and fiery as a Cuban instructor, but at least the dancing robot is effective. And it also avoids jealousy scenes from husbands or girlfriends.

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