How to watch streaming in Italian The Last Dance, episode 9 and 10

Here's how to watch on TV and on your smartphone episodes 9 and 10 of The Last Dance, the TV series dedicated to the 97-98 season of Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls

The Last Dance, the TV series broadcast by Netflix and co-produced with ESPN, has arrived at the last dance: from Monday, May 18 at 9:00 am the last two episodes are available. The TV series that retraces the last season of Michael Jordan at the Chicago Bulls has set unimaginable records: it is the most watched series in Italy ever, surpassing La Casa di Carta. Numbers that confirm the excellent work done by Michael Tollin, who worked on this project for almost two years, recovering a lot of material that remained unpublished for more than twenty years.

The Last Dance is a content that crosses the boundaries of basketball and tells the story of the life of a champion and all the people around him. The Last Dance has had the merit of enthralling even those who have never seen a basketball game on TV. The last two episodes of Last Dance, as well as all the remaining eight, are available on Netflix for all subscribers and can be seen both on TV and streaming with Italian subtitles: here's how

The Last Dance, the last two episodes: previews

The last two episodes: previews

The last two episodes. There are very few previews of the last two episodes, but those who have followed The Last Dance so far can imagine what the theme will be: the playoffs of the 1997-1998 season. Everyone knows the ending: the victory of the sixth ring against the Utah Jazz and Michael Jordan's second retirement from basketball. But the last two episodes will show some backstage still unpublished. We'll see what it gives us.

When The Last Dance episodes 9 and 10 come out

The Last Dance episodes 9 and 10 are available on Netflix starting Monday, May 18 at 9:00 am. Those who haven't caught up with the TV series yet can watch the other episodes first and then focus on the last two.

How to watch The Last Dance on TV

The Last Dance is a TV series exclusively broadcast on Netflix and in order to watch it on TV, you need to be a subscriber to the video streaming platform. For those who have a smart TV watching The Last Dance on their TV is very simple: just open the Netflix app, select the banner dedicated to the TV series and start episode 9. For those who do not have a smart TV, there are some good alternatives: connect your PC or use a dongle such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick or Chromecast.

How to see The Last Dance episode 9 and episode 10 in streaming in Italian

The episodes 9 and 10 of The Last Dance are broadcast exclusively on the Netflix app, available for smartphones and tablets. To stream The Dance you need to launch the Netflix app, enter your credentials and click on the banner dedicated to the TV series. This will open a screen where you can select the episode you want to watch. Being a US TV series, the original language is English and for the moment dubbing in Italian is not available due to Covid-19.

Users, however, can watch the last two episodes of The Last Dance in original language with Italian subtitles. To do so, just click on the rectangular icon in the top right corner (the second of the three available) and in the menu that opens select Italian under the "Subtitles" column.