Google, the secret to make the search results dance

On Google's search engine there is an easter egg that allows you to make the search results page dance: here's how it works

For a few days on Google Search (the search engine for short) there is a nice surprise that few people know: the possibility to make the results dance. I got it right: by performing a very specific search, some keys will appear on the PC screen that, once pressed, will play music and the search results page will start "dancing".

The easter egg (the term usually used for this kind of surprises hidden in apps and operating systems) has been added by Google since August 2 to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the song "Cha Cha Slide", released in the U.S. on August 2, 2000. A very famous dance track with a unique choreography. Choreography that Google has tried to repropose even on the search engine, with all in all very good results. Here's how to activate Google's latest easter egg and make the search engine start dancing.

How to make Google's search results page dance

The steps to do are few and very simple. First open Google and type inside the search box the words: "cha cha slide". The SERP will appear and the first search result will be the video of the song Cha-Cha Slide Mr C The Slide Man. You will notice next to the name of the song, even a very special microphone. Press it and the page will start to move and play some verses of the song (turn up the volume).

Each time you press the icon that appears next to the name of the song, the page will move with a different effect. You can go on like this for at least fifteen seconds, after which the "moves" of the search results page will repeat endlessly.

This is not the first time something like this has happened, Google has already launched special easter eggs in the past, such as for the launch of Avengers: endgame with Thanos.