Find out which work of art you resemble with Google’s Art Selfie

The Google Ats & Culture app has finally been released in Italy too, here's how to use it to find out with a selfie which painting we resemble

In January 2018 Google launched in the United States the Arts and Culture app that collects artworks of various nature from over 1,500 museums and collections from around the world. After the launch phase in the United States now Google is releasing the app worldwide, including Italy.

In addition to studying works of art, the various artistic movements and the greatest artists in history, with the Google Arts & Culture app we will also be able to find out which work of art we resemble. Or rather to which protagonist of a famous painting our face somehow resembles. How do we find out? Simple, just take a selfie from the Google app to receive feedback in seconds. Obviously, any photo with our "look-alike" from the art world will then be shareable on major social media or various messaging apps. The function to try to find which painting you look like within the Google Arts & Culture app is called Art Selfie.

How does Art Selfie work

How does the app find our lookalike from the various famous paintings around the world in museums? Simple, the program is based on machine learning. When we take a selfie, our photo is compared with the thousands of artwork faces stored in the Google database. After a few moments, the app gives us a match and a percentage of similarity with some famous paintings. It's not just a game. Through this feature we can also learn about new painters or new artistic movements. If we click on our "doppelganger" of the art world we'll get a lot of information about the painting, the artist who painted it and the context in which he lived. The app can be used over and over again, because a change of hair or makeup will change the results, leading to new, fun and artistic comparisons.

How to use the Google Art Selfie app

At this point, many will be wondering, how do I take a selfie and know which famous painting I look like? Simple, first we go to the App Store or Google Play Store (the app in fact works on both iPhone and Android) and download the Google Arts & Culture app. Once the process is complete, launch the program and scroll down its home page until you find the Art Selfie section. Tap on the Start item and take a selfie. Let's wait a few seconds and we'll receive a couple of hits with the main paintings we somewhat resemble. Google also shows us the percentage of similarity with the work of art according to its algorithms. To share the photo just click on the three dots at the top and choose the Share option then select the social or app where to share the photo from the menu. To get information about the painting we resemble, hold down on the photo and from the pop-up menu select the "Show Artwork" option.