The $3,000 electric stroller that teaches driving

The D. Throne stroller costs $3,000, but it will keep your child busy when you go shopping at the mall

Not everyone can be born with the skills of Vettel, Hamilton or Alonso, just to name three drivers who have made it big in Formula 1 over the past decade. In some cases, talent must be trained day and night and if possible from an early age.

For parents who believe in the abilities of their children or who want to teach them the art of driving from an early age, they can purchase the new electric baby carriage made by the company D.Throne. The mini-car is designed for parents who can't keep their children at bay inside the traditional stroller: with the electric mini-car, children can have fun and learn how to drive. The electric stroller features a leather seat and professional suspension to better deal with bumps and potholes. The mini-car made by D-Throne has only one problem: it costs about $3000.

The features of the electric stroller

In addition to the price, D.Thorne's electric stroller has another problem: the design. The guys from the US startup thought it best to make a mini-car that takes the style of the 1930s. A bit old-fashioned, but that might appeal to lovers of vintage objects. Under the body "old style" lives, however, a modern mini-car with electric motor and professional suspension. The autonomy is not very high, but still allows you to keep your child busy for a few hours. Behind the stroller there is also a small cart where parents can lean and be dragged by the baby. It will not be beautiful and especially not cheap, but the electric stroller will prove to be very useful when you have to go shopping at the mall.