Samsung reinvents the TV: the screen will be vertical

Samsung launches the first TV with a vertical screen on the market. It will be called Sero and is designed for the generation of millennials. Here's what it will look like!

Since time immemorial, TVs have had a horizontal orientation: the base is greater than the height, and consumers couldn't imagine any alternative. Or, at least, that's how it should be. A few days ago, in fact, Samsung has displaced everyone by announcing the arrival of a new TV with a vertical screen. The project is called Sero and is destined to revolutionize the market.

The new Samsung TV with vertical screen has been created based on a study on the characteristics and preferences of millennials, the generation of consumers born between the late '80s and '90s. These users are just under forty years old and are beginning to acquire a certain economic independence, assuming a significant purchasing power. For this reason, brands are very interested in their needs. Samsung has therefore decided to make the first move, proposing an absolutely innovative TV, which aims to conquer this large and promising slice of the market.

Samsung Sero: the new vertical TV that winks at the millennials

The peculiarity of the new Samsung TV is in its "pivot" system that allows you to rotate the screen and adapt it to your needs. The Sero, in fact, can be positioned both in the "panoramic" format (and therefore horizontally), both in vertical format: in the first case it can be used to watch movies and TV series, in the second case for mirroring movies shot with the smartphone vertically. The TV also integrates a 4.1-channel speaker system. To this is added an amplification of 60W.

But there is an additional innovation that winks at lovers of digital photos. In fact, the upright Samsung TV can act as a digital photo frame. Not only that, the screen can be customized to suit your needs: Sero can turn into a huge display that shows the songs playing on a playlist or even Samsung's Bixby Voice Assistant. So the company has in mind a customizable product that is perfect for digital natives, who can never help but interact with their online services.

Samsung Sero TV: when will it be launched on the market?

The company will likely make the device available in South Korea starting in late May. It has already set up a pop-up store in Seoul where the Serif and other Lifestyle TVs are featured alongside the new Sero. The company wants to constantly improve its new digital TVs, which is why it will be monitoring consumer reaction right away. One thing is for sure: Sero won't be a device to suit all budgets, but it won't be as prohibitively expensive as the new Sony Z9G TV either. In fact, it will go on sale at a cost of 1,500 euros.