Yahoo Mail is down today, what’s happening

Yahoo Mail is down since 8:30 a.m. on September 5: you can't access your email address or send emails. What's happening

Yahoo Mail has been down since 8:30 a.m. this morning, September 5. Users are unable to access their email account due to a server connection problem. The problem seems to be quite serious, since it is not possible to access the Yahoo website and other portals of the same company.

The whole ecosystem that refers to AOL (American Ol Line), including Yahoo, is having problems with the connection to the servers. The inefficiency, therefore, has also spread to Yahoo Mail, making it impossible for users to access their email address. You can't receive emails, send them and check the ones arrived during the night. The problem doesn't concern Italy only, but it's spread all over the world, with thousands of reports arriving every minute. On, a site that collects comments from users when a service or an app doesn't work, there are dozens and dozens of reports from Italian users. We will follow the evolution of the situation and keep you updated.

Why Yahoo Mail is not working

Those who have a Yahoo Mail e-mail address cannot connect this morning. And the reason is very simple: the servers of the American company are not working. The malfunction doesn't only affect Yahoo Mail, but it has also affected the Yahoo website, which is impossible to access.

For the moment the company has not released any statement on why Yahoo Mail doesn't work, but whoever tries to access their email address receives the response "server connection absent". So, it's most likely Yahoo's servers that are having some problems. Also the Yahoo Mail app doesn't allow access to the email address.

Yahoo Mail technicians are surely working to solve the situation. We will follow the development of the situation.

Update 20:30. Yahoo Mail downtime is over, the service is back up and running.