Yahoo! and AOL merge into Oath. Verizon will launch the company in mid-2017

After being acquired by Verizon, Yahoo! services are about to undergo a revolution: the name will change to Oath, but we'll have to wait until the summer of 2017

A new chapter is added to the long history of Yahoo! The company, after being acquired by Verizon, will be partly overturned. And as it often happens to make the expenses first is the name of the company. That's why Yahoo! and AOL will merge to give life to the new Verizon's Oath service.

Yahoo! didn't comment the news at the moment while AOL seemed to be more open about it, declaring that the merger is in progress and the new company will be operative by summer 2017 and will return to offer a service among the best of the Net, launching a series of innovations in the digital world ready to satisfy users. Words that suggest that the birth of Oath as a portal and as a web service is now close. It remains the knot of the services Yahoo News and Yahoo Mail. According to the experts the change, linked for now it seems only to the name change, will not bring great benefits to Verizon.

Criticism to the name

Verizon however seems willing to change the name of the services especially to attract a new group of users compared to the target of the current ones. In particular the younger ones. And to do so, it has decided to totally change the name and to improve and modify the graphic interface and the services themselves. The same name Oath, giuramento in Italian, has left perplexed the critics on the Net. For many it is a term with very important shades of meaning and therefore it could be a double-edged sword if the service sometimes doesn't work well. In addition, according to many, the affair will alienate old Yahoo! users instead of approaching other people not yet registered to the service.