Samsung ready to launch two new Windows 10 tablets at CES 2017

The Korean giant could present the Galaxy TabPRO S2, along with a cheaper version, at CES in Las Vegas.

Samsung will surely unveil new products at the upcoming event dedicated to consumer electronics, but rumors also talk about two new Windows 10 tablets. The last model presented, the Galaxy TabPRO S, in fact, dates back to the beginning of last year.

Rumors circulating on the net speak only of a possible tablet launch by Samsung and the hypotheses are wasted. The only clue, at the moment, are two acronyms SM-W720 and SM-W620. The first could be the Galaxy TabPRO S2, which is the successor to the current Galaxy TabPro S that has the initials SM-W700. The second model, this SM-W620, in the absence of similar acronyms, it can not be ruled out that it is simply a smaller and less powerful version of the Galaxy TabPro S, perhaps with a screen of 8 or 10 inches, and especially cheaper. But we remain, at the moment, only in the field of hypotheses.

Features Samsung TabPRO S2

There are those who speculate that the "alleged" Galaxy TabPRO S2 will have similar characteristics to its predecessor, perhaps differing with a more recent processor such as an Intel Core M, or perhaps with a 12-inch Super AMOLED screen with 4k resolution (2,160 x 1,440 pixels). No doubt, however, on the software side: the latest release of Microsoft Windows 10. An attempt that could be very interesting, what the South Korean company is preparing  to put in place: the market niche previously occupied by the Surface 3 is in fact unmanned and a new tablet, capable of running applications developed for Windows 10, could also meet the favor of the public.