5G, Verizon tests its first super-fast network

American company is ready to offer 5G service to consumers in 11 cities. The test is another step toward the new connection standard

We are indeed very close to the launch of 5G. After Telstra, which has tested in Australia, in collaboration with Netgear, Ericsson and Qualcomm, the new standard of super-fast connection, in the United States starts the experimentation of Verizon.

The American company, which specializes precisely in broadband, is ready to offer the service to consumers in 11 cities. The project, announced by the same company last Wednesday, will allow to test on the U.S. territory the new mobile network system. The 5G, compared to current internet connections, is able to ensure performance, in terms of speed, much better, up to even 100 times. The experimentation of Verizon however, at least at the beginning, will be carried out only in homes and offices. The test of the American company is added to those carried out by other coorporation, among which figure also IBM.

A test that opens the doors to the 5G

There are at the moment no further information, above all regarding the technical aspect of the test. From what we learn, consumers will be chosen based on their proximity to the facility that will allow them to bring the fast connection to their homes and offices. We know, however, the cities in which the experimentation will be carried out. Verizon, in fact, will try the 5G in Ann Arbor, in Atlanta, in Bernardsville, in Brockton, in Dallas, in Denver, in Houston, in Miami, in Sacramento, in Seattle and in Washington DC.

The 5G, in Barcelona we'll know more

So it would be a little bit far, as the numerous tests show, to the arrival of the new connection standard. The system, at least from the technical point of view, would be at a good point. It will certainly take time, however, before the 5G becomes part of our lives in an effective way. Meanwhile, however, the first mobile devices that could support the speed of 5G are also starting to arrive. ZTE, for example, announced that it will present at the Mobile Word Congress in Barcelona the ZTE Gigabit Phone, a smartphone capable of reaching a speed of 1 Gigabit per second in download. We just have to wait for the MWC to learn more about the new connection standard.